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Simple and easy to use, there are many countries vpn can choose. Even after the speed is quite good, to meet my requirements for speed, and in the use of the process is also very stable. Do not need too much worry about the situation will be dropped.

It really works!

This app has been the easiest I've been able to use. I use VPN programs simply for please but love it. This works by far the best out of all other VPNs, it do the really works, not like others. I highly recommend this one.

Pretty easy to use.

I normally don't write reviews but this was the easiest app to set up. I'm so over creating an account for everything I do. I don't have any complaints about this app. I just want it keep going, and give us better service.

Connection issues / unstable

Hi there, Recently download Hotspot VPN and it appeard to be function fine… My are complex provides free wireless internet for all residents which is awesome but anyways this VPN app has no many issues connecting and funcation on my share connection which great but her’s the down fall I switch over to my AT&T wireless Hotspot for work and for some randon reason it will not let the VPN make a connection it will keep trying but doesn’t work… Anyone else have these issues? Never had an issues with Express VPN think i’ll be switching back.

Doesn’t actually do anything.

People must not understand how a virtual private network is supposed to work that are leaving these comments. It’s supposed to hide the ip address you’re using. I installed and set this fake VPN up and googled my IP address. Guess what. It showed my real IP address. I changed the settings, the country, all that. Still does absolutely nothing. Cancel while you can. Or if you’re into throwing money away send it to me. I’ll take your money for nothing, lol. Total scam.

Not impress

Not impress with this VPN at all, keep disconnect, Free one got better connection than this

Great app. is working for me.

This app is overall a very good service. The best part is that it's free. This seems to get the job done like it's supposed to. I feel that its speed is so good. Everything work smoothly, I'm so happy I had this one. It's the real professional VPN.

Everything works well.

This is the easiest app to install and use, once it's installed it goes to work and you don't need to do anything. This app by far is the fastest connecting VPN I have ever had! This is a better VPN than other because this app is professional.

Better than any other VPN app.

I've tried 5 different VPN's on my network and only this one works. They have different protocols for connecting so it's almost guaranteed to work all the time. It's fast, stable, and no the ads. Easy to use and overall, the best VPN on App Store.

Excellent 5 stars.

I have been using this app for quite some time now and far it's been great! This app always works great. You won't find a better VPN on the App Store if you are looking for something free. And I think this is one of the most reliable and strong VPN connections for Mac.

App is really worthy to use.

I love this app and the way it has given me great service. It never goes off or ir never has connections problems. Connections have been fast and great speed during connection. This app works as it said. It's so nice, 100% would recommend.

Works the best!!!

This app works right away whenever you need it. It works fast and give no type of hassle at all. I use this VPN app at school all the time. Beat of all, you can choose which country y0u want to connect to without having purchase anything in tha app. I highly recommend picking this app.

It works all the time.

I usually neither rate nor right a review but this app is amazing. Works 100% better than any other VPN all I've tried. Most of other apps work perfectly but only when they work!!! This app however works all the time and I don't have to be worry.

Steady and reliable.

I've tired a couple pf different vpn's and this is by far my favorite. It always connects pretty quick. It's rate to find a VPN that is free, fast, and simple. Hotspot VPN is all that! I haven't found another VPN better than this one. Would definitely recommend.

Best VPN I've used.

I don't know much about VPN's but I was reading about them and a lot of people said it makes your connections a bit safer, so I downloaded it and figured it would help me. Great app and thanks for keeping the basics free!

Works well.

This APP really beyond my imagination, and I am also very satisfied with it. APP screen is simple but full-featured, VPN speed also made me very satisfied. These are all I used after a period of time feeling. Look forward to the next update.

Fast and stable.

I have a lot of my friends have recommended this APP, said that this is very easy to use. So I downloaded the APP, and used for some time. According to my use of its situation, I think they are very right, really good use.

Very worthwhile.

This APP is amazing, I never thought of a vpn app can be so fast to open the page, fast download. And more importantly, very stable. I looked at it with admiration. Really good, I can continue to use.

It's good to use.

A lot of vpn software has a common problem, that is unstable, often attached to run after not long after the break, or the speed of the situation. This is also an important factor in my choice of APP. But this APP will not appear such a situation.

I like this app.

This APP is a good place to connect as long as the vpn will not be disconnected, and the network speed is very stable. I think it has gone beyond a lot of the same type of APP, it can run efficiently, and to ensure its stability.

It is so perfect.

It is really too much, it is fully able to meet my speed, connection and operation requirements. Since the use of this VPN APP to deal with some of my things, everything is so smooth. Do not have to worry about any problems. Really too strong.

Super easy to use.

Very easy to use APP, do not worry about any problems. It is professional, in the use of the process, I feel it is so powerful, can run very well. I can finish my own work well through it. And the efficient completion of all the things that need VPN.

High rated APP.

Very satisfied with this APP, without any complaints. It works fine on my Mac. I have a lot of work to submit and transfer process is to rely on it to complete. I think it is very convenient and very suitable for everyone to use.

You may have it.

This vpn software is exactly my style. I use it when there is no problem, it runs very fluently. I think it is very simple and useful for use. Is the leader in all similar software. I am ready to use it as my office software.

This is what I have to download.

It is very convenient to use, I have never used such an easy to use APP, everything is very smooth. It does what it says it will do and has helped me many times with online struggles. This APP has been included in the list I have to download.

Great app, No problems.

I think my request for APP fairly pretty high. But since the use of this vpn software, I think this APP to meet all the requirements of the vpn software. Speed without mention, the reaction is also very fast. And the design is simple and easy to use.

Good for me.

This APP is so easy to use, the connection is very fast. With a very stable, there is no need to worry about there will be disconnected. So with my very assured. Perhaps this VPN software is what I have been looking for.

So satisfied with it.

In the App Store, there are too many vpn software, I do not know which one to choose a download. In fact, In fact, I do not mean to want the best, do for me to use on the line. Finally finally let me find this vpn APP. I am very satisfied with it, without any problems.

That's VPN software.

I have always wanted to download a vpn software, but has not found the right software. Until after using this, I found this is like a completely designed for me, It has the connection speed , fast network speed, and even after the very stable. Good.

So far, so good.

This app can give me the speed. So I really don't worry about that my work can't finish on time. I'm so happy I had this one. Speed quickly, and very stable, I use it when the Internet did not appear any problems.

That's so amazing!

I think this one is the best app in my mac, I can easily connect, do what I want to do by using this vpn software. I think this one is fast, and easy to use. Many of my friends recommend this one to me, and now I recommend this one to you.

I want to Cancel

The app is good, I just wanted to try it for the 7 day trial and there is no place for me to cancel. I can’t even find a website. I do not want to be charged or my card compromised. I have sent an email to the email in the support link. My expiration date is 9-4-17. Can anypne help me with this?

Great VPN.

It never goes off or it never has connection problems. It does exactly what I want and need it to do! It can do a good connection, everything work smoothly. Great one! Great job! I would definitely recommend this app!

Extreme loss of Download Speed

With this VPN, my Download Speed dropped from over 60 mbps to an average of 1.7 mbps. I measured the speed, several times, on different days of the week. These results are totally unacceptable. I cancelled my Trial after 2 days of use.

I am so happy I have it.

I have always thought that the best is not necessarily the most suitable for you. This APP is a good explanation of this sentence. It may not be the best in all VPN software, but it is all the functional structure is the most suitable for my use.

It is very suitable for me.

I always need a VPN for my work, I have to put myself in the world of the network, this is a necessary condition for my job. This APP is also very able to meet my requirements for this, not only the network speed, the software response is also very fast. At least it is a very nice software for me.

Useful apps.

Since using it, I feel that the efficiency of my work has improved a lot and saved me a lot of time. I really don't worry about that my work can't finish on time. Because my works are need internet, this app can give me the speed.

Quite reliable.

It works well and it works anytime and anywhere.This app gives me fast and reliable internet, at times the connection can be great, and don't worry that it can't work for me. Because after I use it, it hasn't any trouble.

Very practical and professional.

In fact, I would like to emphasize that the APP is really easy to use, I am very satisfied with it. And when I use it, it doesn't have any crash problem at all. What makes me surprised is its connection speed. It is good so much.

Clean and Convenient.

I'm very happy to find this app for my mac and solve the whole situation with using VPN service. I have used several other VPN apps, but I was not quite satisfied, until it's appearing. I highly recommend Hotspot VPN to anyone.

Powerful VPN software.

Super invincible easy to use. Do not worry that it will be a problem. Connection speed is very fast, the interface is also very clear and easy to understand. It is very convenient to use, there is no difficulty at all. I think this VPN software is the best.

Connection without any problems.

I think this is completely my style, very easy to use. Fast connection, and don't crash at all. Many APP can not meet my requirements for vpn. But this APP is fully able to follow my request to run. Running without any problems. I like it!

It is so easy to use!

I like using it do my work. Because there is no any trouble when I use it. Network connection without any problems, and the network speed is also very fast. It can be very good to improve the efficiency of my work, save me a lot of time.

It's a should have.

The first time I start using such a useful vpn software. Without any loopholes, easy to use and operation fast. Do not worry about the speed of the problem. Completely surpass all other apps. Can be said to be the best vpn app.

So nice to use it.

I think this maybe the best app among I have used all. And I know which one is professional about VPN software. Speed, Stability, Simplicity ang much more are all the factors I consider. That's so good I downloaded this one.

This can be used for me.

Speed is the primary factor in my choice of VPN software. This APP can be used by me, at least in terms of speed, which meets my requirements. It can run all the time without any problems. This shows that this APP is still very good.

It was designed for me.

Good to use, I did not expect to find such a good APP. It meets all my requirements and doesn't have any problems. It's the best in VPN software. I didn't really think I'd download such a good APP.

I've fallen madly in love with it.

As a network of very demanding people, this APP is tailor-made for me. I am very pleased with it. The network is fast, stable and super easy to use. I feel that my life and work are completely dependent on it now. As a VPN software, it is successful.

Everything works great!

I never thought that a VPN software could do so professionally, and it would be very easy to use and also not card. I think this APP really does a great job. That's what I thought when I used a lot of VPN software. It didn't disappoint me, it is good!

APP worth having.

This APP is much better than expected, and the interface is simple and easy to understand. A lot of function keys are also very easy to find. And the connection is also very stable, if it works, it will not easily fall, the speed is also stable.

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