Hotspot VPN - Unlimited Proxy App Reviews

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You will like it.

In my opinion, it's the best VPN software than what I used before, everything is good. If I have any problem, it will be solved quickly by the technicol team. They will do there best help me, that's so good service. I think you guys will also like it.

Share it to you.

I love it so much. I can get a good connection when I use it on my Mac, and everything works smoothly. Hope that this review can help someone who are finding VPN app. Because it really good than I thought. And I want to share the good things to others.

I like it.

This VPN is really very easy to use. I have used it for some time. This APP can meet my requirements very well. I hope it can maintain such stability. Anyway, I will always use this app. I will also recommend this APP to others. I hope they will like it.

doesn’t work

It doesn’t even work at all doesn’t connect

hate it

It doesnt work

Should have for me.

I was very shocked that it was really easy to use, and completely beyond my imagination. Anything works great. And I feel that my life and work are completely dependent on it now. Sincere thanks to my friends recommended. I really think it's really a good choice for everyone who need VPN.


I give zero stars for deceptive description in App Store and AUTOMATIC rollover to subscription after 7 day free trial. I now have to cancel and uninstall an app that I would never have downloaded. This will keep me from doing business with this company ever again.

Very good design.

This app does exactly what it promises, It starts quickly, surfs quickly, and works great on my Mac. And I can still give my account to others, they also can use it. It means that the cost of my first time can be used at the same time. That's so cool.


Tnx a lot

Works well.

I really think this can be recommended to everyone, or it is a pity. After I used it, I gotta day being with this VPN has been amazing. Fast speeds works and all just makes all the better. So I write this review that someone need VPN can read this.

Never connects

This app never connects it just continuously says connecting and just whirs. I am in the 7 day ‘Free’ periodand want to cancel but cannot find the auto-renew button to turn off. Any help would be appreciated.

This was a great app, until it started asking for access to my keychain...

I’ve been using the free version of this app for almost a year and had no previous issues with it, until recently when I opened it and it started requesting access to the personal info stored on my keychain. I have a huge issue with ANY company trying to access an area of my computer where information such as passwords can be stored. If you value personal privacy DO NOT USE THIS APP!


I like to use this app very much and I can connect very well. I now find it can be used on different platforms. It's just great. I think this is an important reason why I like this APP. Hope it's been good forever.

Worth downloading.

I am very happy that I have this app at first. I think this VPN software really can help me work better. Because when I used it, I can feeling that it works smoothly and faster than I thought before, I have recommend it to others. Hope that they will like it.

This not Free, wrong description and cheating folks!!

iTune descriptions says “Free VPN” but this is not free, they are going to charge very heavily ($9.99/month) once you download and use for 7 days. Not sure why they are not specifying clear descriptions, instead misleading people by saying “Free VPN”, Not sure how apple iTune store allowing such misleading apps!

So nice to use.

I think I have not any complaint about it. On the connection side, the connection response is very fast, and as long as the VPN is connected, it is very stable. So I purchased a one-year use period. No any problem about this one.

Need this one.

I have tried around ten different free VPNs with most of them being terrible. They either give such limited options that the app is barely usable, or they shove ads so far down your throat that your choking on every use. This app is different, it just service for me. There is no any other things.

I thought that this app was free!

The description says that this is a free app, and that you don’t need to register or anything. I can’t get this app to run without registering and the app is only free for 1 week. That’s what I call bait and switch...

Stop billing people unjustly!

I would appreciate a clear map to delete subscription! Just can’t believe there no way to stop this nightmare app of billing me! Just contacted Apple store! Zero star for you guys!


Paid for the year subscription. App would randomly shutoff within in minutes of opening it. Would have to reset my password constantly and then the app stopped working all together and cannot re-install it now. I have only had it for a couple months and now that year purchase was a complete waist of money.

quick to take money, but app does not allow purchase to activate

Too glitchy on accessing account details and sign in functions. Took money super quick for subscription, but then wouldn’t allow sign in to use premium features. Had to request refund immediately. NOt worth the time or money.


This app is advertised as being free, and not requiring registration. This is blatently untrue. This VPN also crashes constantly, and the US p2p IP address does not get access to Google / most sites, so that part is useless. The Canada IP address is in Germany. You get the idea.

Elegant Functionality

I am impressed by this app's simple interface and troublefree performance. Also, thank you developer for not begging for ratings and reviews or flashing annoying ads.

I am very satisfied with it.

What I like most about this app is that I can use it on my iPhone and iPad too. As long as the registered account to buy once, you can use in different platforms. That's the case, I can share it for others to use, so do not subscribe twice. This is my most satisfied place.

Very Good VPN.

This app is the only one left after I've used all the same app. I think this APP has been fully able to meet my requirements about connection. And the speed makes me very satisfied, it can access a lot of sites I can not open before. I personally think it is very good.

This is a great VPN service!

Through this APP I can browse the website of other countries to find information. Some data is only found after connecting to vpn. So I rely on this APP, but it did not let me down, I think this is a good help to me. I decided to keep using it as my regular app.


it looks like that I have been deleted from database and now it is telling me that I am not registered with them since I have the proof that I bought this app online with my apple pay card. and I do have the receipt if this issue didn’t fix sooner I will ask apple store for refund and charge for fraud charges. I have seen alot ot comments about this app, but unfortunately it is not working for me I have tried several time to turn on the app but it is ging me same message again and again for no reason I have restated mhy computer and still not working but I am going to give you one start maybe less. once they charge you they will not take care of you.

I feel very good.

This APP is what I want, after a period of using time, I feel very good. Now I have purchased for a year now. In the process of using, there is no problems. And I can still give my account to others, I think this is a feature. So I've recommended it to someone else.

Good job!

When I was still in the free trial time, I found this app was good, so I bought it. Now it works well, and the account can also be used on iOS, this is really good. So I decided to buy it later and use it. This will be in my Mac forever.

Ensure safety.

Everything work great. And I think it is also a safe software. Now the Internet is so developed, protecting personal privacy is quite important. Although I am not a technology person, but I also know that connecting vpn can reduce the risk.


That's amazing, I can use it on my iPhone and iPad, wow, I think love it more now. It's speed quickly, and very stable, I use it when the Internet did not appear any problems. I can also use it to my works when I was in other country.

That's so amazing!

This is the first review I wrote about VPN app, these all my real feelings about using it. It can easily connect after click, and the speed is better than I think. And the best thing that I can use it on different devices with one account. So Good.

Love it very much.

I love this APP, and I started using it with a friend's recommendation. I think this app is simply my style. I can follow Instagram anytime and anywhere, and watch videos on YouTube. I just love it. The speed is not card, love this VPN APP.

Should have.

I think this app is the one you have used, you will love the APP. Although I only downloaded the APP on my Mac, I found that it can also be used on my iPhone, which is great. I have now purchased a year, it is also very good to use.

It's a good one.

I can finally search what I want for my course, it's very important for my education. It really helped me a lot, I can do something that I can't do in normal. I recently found that it can be used in iPhone, this design is really good.

I love it so much.

That's amazing, I can use it on my iPhone and iPad, wow, I think love it more now. It's speed quickly, and very stable, I use it when the Internet did not appear any problems. I can also use it to my works when I was in other country.

So far, so good.

Everthing works smoothly, I can also use it on my iPhone, that's so good. It means that I need pay twice for VPN. It's a big good thing for our users. Thank you guys to create this app, and I will recommend this one to others.

Privacy lost

Sometimes you get a good connection with good speed but have experienced frequent drops - "The negotiation with the VPN server failed. Verify the server address and try reconnecting.” This is ok if you are constantly monitoriing your connection but a disaster if you step away and lose the connection with the server while unattended. The only purpose for the VPN is privacy. The loss of that gives it a value of $0. IMPOSSIBLE TO CANCEL DURING THE TRIAL PERIOD WITH MAC OS. THERE IS NO OPTION AS THE DEVELOPER SUGGESTS TO “TURN OFF AUTO-RENEW.” BEWARE!!

I like it.

I am quite pleased with this app. Not only is this app absolutely adorable it does its job well!! It's really good app. I can't do my works without it now. Every thing works great, and have any problem. It's amazing app.

The connection is too slow

Finally I can access Google and Youtube, but the connection is quite slow. Worst VPN I’ve ever used. Even worse than many free VPN. But what can I do, I’m out of options.

Used to work, now it doesn’t

THe past two weeks I can’t get anything to load fro any countries. I mainly use the US but I’ve tried, Canada and Germany and a simple Google search won’t even load. I’ll have to find another VPN to use because this is unusable and I am actually paying a monthly fee. I want my moeny back.

military sites

It does not help run mil sites from middle east.

It disconnects quite frequently

Unfortunately it works poorly in Mac. The VPN disconnects every a few minutes and that's quite annoying. The connection is not stable and only a few lines are actually working.

Does not work half the time

I changed servers and when I used the web, it thought I was in the United States when I was trying to use other countries. This program is not reliable

So good now.

Until now it did not appear any problem. Very convenient to use, coupled with its super-fast speed, I really love it. Anyway, I think this APP is very good, I have already recommended it to many people. I think I can not leave it now.

Stable and convenient.

I should find it earlier, or I will not waste my long time to download and use other VPN software. This is one of the best apps I've downloaded. It's very stable and but also very good speed. I have already decided to use it on my Mac.

Can someone help a brother in distress?

I subscribed to a 7 day free trial on my mac, but cant find a way to cancel it before it auto-renews. Does someone know how to cancel this?

So nice to use it.

I will tell it to my friends that they can also use it. Because it's so good to use with no any trouble when I use it, and I don't have any compliant about it. High speed, good connection, stable internet, and so on. They are all reason I use it.

I decided to use it.

This app is perfect, I think it has completely beyond my imagination. I need it, it can help me a lot. I just love it. Can easily let me visit the website, it will not card. Simply the perfect VPN app. I decided to use it from now on.

Help me a lot.

Speed is good, to visit the website I want to visit. I am busy with my essay recently and need to browse and download some information. This vpn no doubt helped me a lot. Now my essay has been successfully completed, but I will continue to use it.

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