Hotspot VPN - Unlimited Proxy App Reviews

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That's so amazing!

This is the first review I wrote about VPN app, these all my real feelings about using it. It can easily connect after click, and the speed is better than I think. And the best thing that I can use it on different devices with one account. So Good.

Love it very much.

I love this APP, and I started using it with a friend's recommendation. I think this app is simply my style. I can follow Instagram anytime and anywhere, and watch videos on YouTube. I just love it. The speed is not card, love this VPN APP.

Should have.

I think this app is the one you have used, you will love the APP. Although I only downloaded the APP on my Mac, I found that it can also be used on my iPhone, which is great. I have now purchased a year, it is also very good to use.

It's a good one.

I can finally search what I want for my course, it's very important for my education. It really helped me a lot, I can do something that I can't do in normal. I recently found that it can be used in iPhone, this design is really good.

I love it so much.

That's amazing, I can use it on my iPhone and iPad, wow, I think love it more now. It's speed quickly, and very stable, I use it when the Internet did not appear any problems. I can also use it to my works when I was in other country.

So far, so good.

Everthing works smoothly, I can also use it on my iPhone, that's so good. It means that I need pay twice for VPN. It's a big good thing for our users. Thank you guys to create this app, and I will recommend this one to others.

Privacy lost

Sometimes you get a good connection with good speed but have experienced frequent drops - "The negotiation with the VPN server failed. Verify the server address and try reconnecting.” This is ok if you are constantly monitoriing your connection but a disaster if you step away and lose the connection with the server while unattended. The only purpose for the VPN is privacy. The loss of that gives it a value of $0. IMPOSSIBLE TO CANCEL DURING THE TRIAL PERIOD WITH MAC OS. THERE IS NO OPTION AS THE DEVELOPER SUGGESTS TO “TURN OFF AUTO-RENEW.” BEWARE!!

I like it.

I am quite pleased with this app. Not only is this app absolutely adorable it does its job well!! It's really good app. I can't do my works without it now. Every thing works great, and have any problem. It's amazing app.

The connection is too slow

Finally I can access Google and Youtube, but the connection is quite slow. Worst VPN I’ve ever used. Even worse than many free VPN. But what can I do, I’m out of options.

Used to work, now it doesn’t

THe past two weeks I can’t get anything to load fro any countries. I mainly use the US but I’ve tried, Canada and Germany and a simple Google search won’t even load. I’ll have to find another VPN to use because this is unusable and I am actually paying a monthly fee. I want my moeny back.

military sites

It does not help run mil sites from middle east.

It disconnects quite frequently

Unfortunately it works poorly in Mac. The VPN disconnects every a few minutes and that's quite annoying. The connection is not stable and only a few lines are actually working.

Does not work half the time

I changed servers and when I used the web, it thought I was in the United States when I was trying to use other countries. This program is not reliable

So good now.

Until now it did not appear any problem. Very convenient to use, coupled with its super-fast speed, I really love it. Anyway, I think this APP is very good, I have already recommended it to many people. I think I can not leave it now.

Stable and convenient.

I should find it earlier, or I will not waste my long time to download and use other VPN software. This is one of the best apps I've downloaded. It's very stable and but also very good speed. I have already decided to use it on my Mac.

Can someone help a brother in distress?

I subscribed to a 7 day free trial on my mac, but cant find a way to cancel it before it auto-renews. Does someone know how to cancel this?

So nice to use it.

I will tell it to my friends that they can also use it. Because it's so good to use with no any trouble when I use it, and I don't have any compliant about it. High speed, good connection, stable internet, and so on. They are all reason I use it.

I decided to use it.

This app is perfect, I think it has completely beyond my imagination. I need it, it can help me a lot. I just love it. Can easily let me visit the website, it will not card. Simply the perfect VPN app. I decided to use it from now on.

Help me a lot.

Speed is good, to visit the website I want to visit. I am busy with my essay recently and need to browse and download some information. This vpn no doubt helped me a lot. Now my essay has been successfully completed, but I will continue to use it.

It's powerful.

I like to use it when I need in VPN network. This APP is worth my trust, fast and stable. I do not have to worry about problems when I do my work when I use it. Maybe it's the best VPN app that I have used. It's worthing!

I prefer to use this

There are a lot of this type of app, but this app is caught my eye,the app first connection speed very quickly,as long as the selected corresponding state, click the connection ,you can access the network ,use this app to see other countries television ,download files ,buck,influence my normal use,and one more thing ,that’s a really worth paying a little money, you can get better service,ao that every country can easily access.

It's powerful VPN.

I use it do everything I want on the internet, and I didn't have anything problem when I use it to something. I can easily connect, and after connecting, it has a very fast speed, so that I can surf the web as I like it. That's so amazing!!!

More selective

The VPN VPN relative to other, more selective, more than a dozen countries, let us to choose, like India, the British can be easily access to, as long as we selected the corresponding country, click on the link can access to the network in these countries, when they visit these countries, connection not easily broken, well we want to get the information

Smooth connection

The VPN VPN relative to the other, one of the most important advantage is the connection process will not suddenly, even interrupted, also will be back in a few seconds, and as I usually use the VPN to see TV drama, BuKa, can connect on a few hours, this is what I need, download speed is soon, I very like to use the VPN

Didn’t know garbage bumpsters had VPN apps!!!

Charged me $10 a month then when I canceled my subscription I was paid for another 20 days…well the next day it didn’t work. WASTE OF MONEY!!!!

No problem at all.

For some reason, I need vpn network. I also look for a lot app like this one, and also used a lot. I think this APP can help me very well. I often use it to do a lot of work, there is no problem at all. I can not leave it now.

Continue to use it.

Speed is very fast, the operation is very simple. Do not worry about problems at all. I have to admire the developers. It is easy to use beyond my imagination, I think it did not disappoint me. I will continue to use it.


Easy to use, however also easy and often disconnection from VPN service as well, leaving you unprotected. If not for the constant drops, I would rate it a 5.

Needs A Kill Switch

Works just “ok” for me. Drops a lot and needs a kill switch for torrents. Other than that, its a decent VPN. Also, im 99% sure the other reviews of this app are fake.

It is better than I imagined.

When I have not used it, I think it is not good to use. But I found I was wrong, this app completely beyond my imagination. Super fast speed, browsing the web, watching instagram, loaded very fast. I highly recommend this app now.

I can not leave it now.

After use I think this app is really good, so I have to write a comment. As long as connected to the VPN, the speed is very fast, and very stable. I really enjoy doing whatever I want to do on the Mac while using it.

Better than I can say.

I found that this APP is completely different with the VPN app I downloaded before. It's more stable than others. This will be a good choice, I need it for doing my work. I recommend it for every who need VPN. Trust me, it's really good one.

Right to download it.

This is really easy to use, After used it for a long time. I think this APP is definitely what I have to download. Otherwise I will really regret not download it. This is what I said to my friend. Finally, after they download the use, they aslo think what I said very correct.

No trouble at all.

I really use this software very well, the connection is very fast and fast. I just think this APP is very easy to use. There is no better vpn software to replace it. And our family is now using it, there is no problem. You guys can try it.

I erased the app and it keeps updating ANNOYING

I downloaded this app for a free trial. I then deleted it as I found it wasn’t very good. But ……the app keeps forcing me to “update” the app which has been deleted from all devices. It’s very annoying and shouldnt be happening.

It's powerful.

What I can about this app is that this app is really really good to use. Everything is easy to use, and after the connection, very stable, the speed is quite fast. In fact, there is nothing to write, but just want to recommend to everyone, it is really easy to use.

Works as it should.

It's a wonderful software. In all the VPN software, my favorite is it. As long as the connection to the APP, all need to connect vpn to use, such as software, website, and so on. These are able to use, and the speed is very fast.

Truly A Five Star APP.

Wow, this is really so nice that this VPN can work so well. It's like a huge surprise when you're using it. Although the interface is simple, but it has all the features it must have. It was really great. I have not found any problems in the process of using it, because it is really simple to operate and is not complicated at all. Really thank the developers, let me experience so good. So I had to write my first comment on the App Store for it. Until the APP appeared before, there has not been an APP that I think I can recommend to others, but now this VPN APP has been recommended to a lot of my friends and family, because the good thing is used to share. This APP is what I think is good enough, and I will tell others. The above content is my feelings and views to this VPN APP.

Very pleased.

Works well and is excellent for it's value. And when I use it do something, there is no problem with speed or functionality. Works with all the programmes I have tried. I've had no connection issues like others have said, I would guess that those who are having issues are not doing it right, or perhaps I/ve been lucky. I have to say that before downloading this APP, I also had tried a few app like it, but they didn't connect as well as this one does. I am so happy with this app on the app store. This application works great, and there are also other countries you can choice, unless America. And other countries vpn running is also very stable. The connection is also fast. Overall a very good VPN.

Having problems with Netflix and downloading upgrades.

This product is causing a problem with viewing Netflix services….. Also, getting a constant loading error for version 1.3.3

It’s a great program.

I think the developers did a great job about this app. I have not used a paid VPN before so I can’t compare it with those, but among the free ones this is definitly the best.I’ve been using Hotspot VPN for a long time, there is no trouble when I use it. I am so happy that I downloaded this app, after I used it for a long time, I just want to say, what a great service and just works without any problems. I have to say this is a fast and stable service and I enjoy using it when I need VPN. I had never lost connection and is easy to set something about it. I have told my friends, and I said that this ia a great choice for people who need VPN. And they also download this one, they all think this one is great. All in all, it's powerful than I thought.


Simple and easy to use, there are many countries vpn can choose. Even after the speed is quite good, to meet my requirements for speed, and in the use of the process is also very stable. Do not need too much worry about the situation will be dropped.

It really works!

This app has been the easiest I've been able to use. I use VPN programs simply for please but love it. This works by far the best out of all other VPNs, it do the really works, not like others. I highly recommend this one.

Pretty easy to use.

I normally don't write reviews but this was the easiest app to set up. I'm so over creating an account for everything I do. I don't have any complaints about this app. I just want it keep going, and give us better service.

Connection issues / unstable

Hi there, Recently download Hotspot VPN and it appeard to be function fine… My are complex provides free wireless internet for all residents which is awesome but anyways this VPN app has no many issues connecting and funcation on my share connection which great but her’s the down fall I switch over to my AT&T wireless Hotspot for work and for some randon reason it will not let the VPN make a connection it will keep trying but doesn’t work… Anyone else have these issues? Never had an issues with Express VPN think i’ll be switching back.

Doesn’t actually do anything.

People must not understand how a virtual private network is supposed to work that are leaving these comments. It’s supposed to hide the ip address you’re using. I installed and set this fake VPN up and googled my IP address. Guess what. It showed my real IP address. I changed the settings, the country, all that. Still does absolutely nothing. Cancel while you can. Or if you’re into throwing money away send it to me. I’ll take your money for nothing, lol. Total scam.

Not impress

Not impress with this VPN at all, keep disconnect, Free one got better connection than this

Great app. is working for me.

This app is overall a very good service. The best part is that it's free. This seems to get the job done like it's supposed to. I feel that its speed is so good. Everything work smoothly, I'm so happy I had this one. It's the real professional VPN.

Everything works well.

This is the easiest app to install and use, once it's installed it goes to work and you don't need to do anything. This app by far is the fastest connecting VPN I have ever had! This is a better VPN than other because this app is professional.

Better than any other VPN app.

I've tried 5 different VPN's on my network and only this one works. They have different protocols for connecting so it's almost guaranteed to work all the time. It's fast, stable, and no the ads. Easy to use and overall, the best VPN on App Store.

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